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Important Update From Alpha Cars: After the recent Government announcement regarding Covid 19 guidelines, we would like to assure our valued customers that we will be continuing to offer a full range of services, however some will be handled in a slightly different way: • Vehicle Sales – Our vehicle showroom will be closed to the public from Thursday 5th November 2020, however we are able to offer online vehicle purchasing, virtual appointments to show you around our vehicles via video calls, and speak to you on the phone to answer any queries you may have. • Free UK Wide Delivery – We will continue to offer free mainland UK delivery for customer who purchase a vehicle from us. This will be carried out in line with Covid guidelines with fully sanitised vehicles, social distancing and the use of face masks. • Click and Collect - Our team will be happy to arrange vehicle sales online or via telephone, and organise contactless collection at a time to suit you. • MOT & Servicing – Our workshop and aftersales department will remain fully operational, and continue to offer a full range of MOT, servicing and vehicle preparation facilities in a Covid safe manner. Please contact us on 01748 831700 or via email at for any further information.


Alpha Cars offer a full range of services:

MOTs at Alpha Cars

Vehicles in England are subject to an annual MOT test, which checks that a vehicle meets road safety and environmental standards.

We provide a trustworthy and reliable service for our customers, offering MOT tests for Class 4 (Cars) and Class 7 (Vans) vehicles. Using highly experienced testers and equipment, you can be sure your vehicle is in good hands.

Our current cost for a full annual MOT test is £45.00. We are happy to provide guidance on any advisories given on an MOT pass, and if your vehicle fails an MOT test, we will contact you to advise on the repairs required.

Contact us on 01748 831700 for more information on availability.

Further information on MOT testing can be found at

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Having your car regularly serviced can extend the life of your vehicle and ensure its safety and roadworthiness.

The small cost of having your car routinely serviced with us and putting it through a thorough inspection programme will far outweigh the cost of leaving defects to become major issues. Regular servicing will:

  • Reduce the cost of repairs over the life of the vehicle
  • Reduce unforeseen breakdown risks
  • Reduce possible time of the vehicle being of the road
  • Minimise inconvenience and unforeseen expense
  • Increase fuel economy
  • Increase the lifespan of a vehicle

Take advantage of our free local collection and delivery service, and complimentary bubble wash while we have your vehicle with us for a service.

We offer three levels of servicing:

Interim Full Major
Suggested Intervals 6 Months or 6,000 Miles 12 Months or 12,000 Miles 24 Months or 24,000 Miles
Price (inc VAT) From £119 From £239 From £330
Parts Included
Engine Oil Yes Yes Yes
Oil Filter Yes Yes Yes
Air Filter No Yes Yes
Fuel Filter No No Yes
Top Ups
Windscreen Additive Yes Yes Yes
Coolant Yes Yes Yes
Brake Fluid - Check condition and report as required (Additional cost if required) Yes Yes Yes
Power Steering Fluid Yes Yes Yes
General Checks
External Lights Yes Yes Yes
Instrument Warning Lights Yes Yes Yes
Horn Operation Yes Yes Yes
Internal / Vision Checks
Door, Bonnet & Lock Operation No Yes Yes
Operation & Condition of Windscreen Wipers & Washers Yes Yes Yes
Air Conditioning System Operation No Yes Yes
Pollen Filter (Advise if replacement required at additional cost) No Yes Yes
Windscreen (Check for cracks / chips) Yes Yes Yes
External Mirror Condition Yes Yes Yes
Internal Mirror Condition Yes Yes Yes
Number Plate Condition Yes Yes Yes
Seat Belt Operation No Yes Yes
Engine Checks
Oil Leaks & Advise Yes Yes Yes
Antifreeze Strength (Advise if replacement required at additional cost) Yes Yes Yes
Radiator & Coolant Hose - Condition / Leaks (Including Header Tank) Yes Yes Yes
Radiator Cap No Yes Yes
Electrical Coolant Fan (If applicable) No Yes Yes
Auxiliary Drive Belts Condition & Tension (Not Timing Belt) Yes Yes Yes
Fuel System & Tank (If visible) Yes Yes Yes
Timing Belt Replacement Intervals (Advise if replacement required at additional cost) Yes Yes Yes
Spark Plug (Advise if replacement required at additional cost - dependent on age & mileage) No Yes Yes
Brake Fluid Condition (Advise if replacement required at additional cost) No Yes Yes
Visual Check of Brake Pads for Wear Yes Yes Yes
Visual Check of Brake Disks for Wear Yes Yes Yes
All Visible Brake Pipes & Hoses Yes Yes Yes
Hand Brake Operation Yes Yes Yes
Brake Callipers (For leaks & security) Yes Yes Yes
Wheels & Tyres
Tyre Condition Yes Yes Yes
Tyre Tracking (Wheel balance & check for irregular were) - Report as required Yes Yes Yes
Tyre Depths Yes Yes Yes
Tyre Pressure (Adjust if required) Yes Yes Yes
Road Springs Yes Yes Yes
Steering & Suspension
Steering / Suspension Components Yes Yes Yes
Steering Rack Gaiters Condition Yes Yes Yes
Shock Absorber Condition Yes Yes Yes
Wheel Bearings Yes Yes Yes
Exhaust Smoke (Diesel vehicles) No Yes Yes
Exhaust Condition (Advise if any component replacement required at additional cost) Yes Yes Yes
Drive System
Check Drive Shaft Gaiters for Security & Leaks No Yes Yes
Clutch Operation No Yes Yes
Clutch Fluid Level (If applicable) Yes Yes Yes
Transmission Oil Leaks Yes Yes Yes

*Please Note: Any additional parts required will be chargeable as advised by Alpha Cars.

If we notice any further issues with your vehicle, we will contact you to discuss prior to any extra work being carried out, giving you peace of mind and a reliable, trustworthy customer service.

Contact us for further information or to book your vehicle in for its service.

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